In the Dark

Shine Your Ever-Loving Light on Me

The Jungle Book
Produced and distributed by Disney Pictures 
Directed by Jon Favreau
Screenplay by Justin Marks from Rudyard Kipling’s book 

Midnight Special
Produced and distributed by Warner Brothers 
Written and directed by Jeff Nichols 

Are the Disney executives rethinking their political correctness?  You know, their belief that homosexuals and transgender folk are uniformly good and noble, that feminists can easily outrun and outfight men, that minorities are always and everywhere generously disposed to take on the black man’s—no, make that the black folks’—burden, i.e., sluggardly whites.  These are the immutable truths Disney has been laboring to instill in us for the past quarter-century, largely because that’s where the money is.  After all, the LGBT community has scads of disposable income to draw on, which explains those annual gaycations that Disney sponsors in its theme parks.  (Hey, it’s not the 50’s anymore.  And don’t dare look for gender-segregated restrooms—not in Mickey’s vicinity!)

Well, here we are in 2016, and Disney has returned to an earlier path, one you would expect to embarrass the executives.  In 1967, the studio adapted The Jungle Book, a story by that hopeless racist and imperial...

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