Cultural Revolutions

Sharia Rising

The crescent moon is rising over Deutschland.  After France, Germany has the largest Muslim population in Western Europe.  According to government statistics, approximately 3 to 3.5 million Muslims live in Germany.  Of these, only about 80 percent are citizens.  Most of the Muslim population trace their roots to Turkey and the guest-worker program of the 1960’s and 70’s.  While residing in Germany, the guest workers have established approximately 2,500 Muslim worship facilities and several hundred mosques, complete with domes and minarets.

Polls show that Germans are somewhat uncomfortable as Muslim numbers grow.  Research undertaken by the University of Bielefeld found that about 30 percent of citizens living in the former West Germany believe that Muslim immigration should be completely stopped.  A similar survey showed that large majorities of Germans associate Islam with oppression of women and terrorism.

With the growing Islamic populations, the presence of sharia is becoming a fact of German life.  The German Interior Ministry reports that larger numbers of German Muslims are demanding to live under strict Islamic rules rather than the laws crafted in the Bundestag or those of the regional state assembles.  Leftists rejoice at this evidence of globalization, multiculturalism, and the dawning of a new world for Europe. ...

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