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Shameless Defenses

Congratulations to Taki for achieving what seemed to be impossible: transforming the effete, amoral boob FDR into a sympathetic figure (“Little Yellow Bastards,” Under the Black Flag, April).  Taki’s celebration of early-to-mid-20th-century Japanese military traditions and the heroic unshackling of Japan’s economy from those nefarious usurers was understandable.  His failure to mention other significant activities the spunky little rascals were up to in the 1930’s is less understandable—such as Korea, Manchuria, and China (including the Rape of Nanking, with an estimated  250,000 massacred in six weeks in the mad scramble to secure an acceptable quantity/quality of “comfort women” for the troops).

Instead of an intelligent discussion of how a reasonably moral nation should have responsibly dealt with a mad-dog nation turning its neighboring countries into abattoirs, while preventing itself from provoking an even greater evil in the form of all-out war, we have a clumsy defense of the indefensible and an attack on the dim and indecisive.  After ten years of watching these likeable little ruffians misbehaving in their neighbors’ backyards, FDR had the audacity and arrogance to place an embargo on shipments to them of aviation fuel and scrap iron.  The cad!  As for Taki’s...

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