Sexual Perversity West of Chicago

Letter From Lagado

This summer, Lagado University established itself as a major player at the cutting edge of American theater. Angels' Hair for Rent in Calcutta, OH, written and directed by Jonathan Raspberry, LU Professor of English and Musicology, opened July 24 at the Galaxy Theater and Opera House in Bismarck, North Dakota. This was its first performance since the pioneering rap 'n' roll opera was introduced to an academic public at Lagado University's Lulu Kaposi Thanatopoulos Theatre in May 1998.

The beau monde of Bismarck turned out in the tuxedos and gowns it usually reserves for the town's annual New Year's Eve charity ball. The author/director, surveying the crowded theater amidst the camphorated breezes wafting stagewards as the ticket holders flipped quizzically through their programs, predicted that July 24 would be remembered as the day when he, Jonathan Raspberry, reclaimed North Dakota's theater from stagnation and empty spectacle. Here before them, as he told his cast and supporters, sat a representation of the North Dakotan MTV generation, unconsciously yearning for a Profoundly Meaningful theatrical experience. He felt this, he said, in the very marrow of his bones.

Undeniably the most important theatrical event in the history of Lagado University and of Kafka, South Dakota, Angels' Hair for Rent in Calcutta, OH has been hailed by LU's English faculty as "The...

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