Sensitivity-The Only Requirement


Edward Gibson tells us that, about 250 A.D., the Goths came down from the Ukraine and took the city of Marcianopolis. To save their lives and property, the people of the city gave the Gothic warriors "a large sum of money." This bribe worked to restore order and peace in the city and to win the withdrawal of the Goths. A couple of years later, the Goths would conquer the Illyrian provinces, and the Emperor Gallus, in an effort to "assuage their angry spirits," would offer them a bribe of gold. 

Now jump to 1991, to the University of Florida, where the Marcianopolitans of academe are strongly entrenched. Last December 19, 1991, the University of Florida's Black Stu dent Union (BSU) raided and took over the offices of the school's Student Government Association (SCA). Angered that their budget request of $30,000 had been denied, the BSU organized under the name "Black Awareness Movement" (BAM) and threatened, harassed, and intimidated white student government senators and administrators into meeting their nonnegotiable demand. 

Led by Nikita Amani, a militant doctoral student in sociology, two hundred black students stacked the Senate hearing room during a Monday night session. While befuddled administrators looked on, several BSU members openly threatened to hurt student senators if their budget was not met. At one point, while two administrators...

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