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Semite Sympathy

I commend Taki for his courageous article in the July Chronicles, “Nothing’s Easy About Israel.” Taki mentioned “the irony in my case is that I am a man of the right siding with a pro-leftist cause, that of the Palestinians.” Well, I feel the same way, but my case is even more ironic or strange because I am an anti-Zionist, politically conservative, Orthodox Jew and a die-hard fan of Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul.
At the same time, I do not see any dichotomy or irony because we Jews are actually forbidden to have a Jewish state before the Messiah comes. Before World War II, all the Orthodox rabbis held that view. But nothing done by either Adolf Hitler or Bibi Netanyahu can change God’s law.
Furthermore we conservatives (and all devout Jews, Christians, and Muslims) are pro-life and support the traditional family. Supporting Israel’s genocidal ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians is not consistent with a pro-life position. In addition, the Israelis like to boast how God promised to them in the Bible the land of the Palestinians (though, as I said before, that is a lie because we Jews are forbidden to have a state before the Messiah comes). And yet at the same time they boast of having the world’s largest gay pride parade.
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