See, I Told You So

(About Limbaugh)

In commenting on the reaction to Rush Limbaugh’s drug addiction, fellow radio talk-show host Michael Savage used the biblical quotation, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”  When antidrug warrior Limbaugh was exposed as a subject of a criminal drug investigation, however, it was inevitable that the self-described “epitome of morality and virtue” who preached “character counts” and demanded accountability for Bill Clinton under “the rule of law” would come in for strong criticism.

See, I Told You So was the title of one of Limbaugh’s ghostwritten books, but I could now write the same about Limbaugh.  My article in the March 1995 issue of Chronicles, “The Real Rush Limbaugh” (Vital Signs), was a follow-up to my August 28, 1994, Washington Post column, “Limbaugh, Leftward into Limbo,” both of which questioned his authority as a conservative spokesman.  The contradictions between Limbaugh’s personal and public lives could not be ignored.

Though he was a professed Reaganite, Limbaugh had never voted for Reagan.  A strong defender of traditional morality and religion who told a Christian magazine that Jesus holds “the answers” to life’s problems, he was working on his third marriage and did not go to church.  He said he gave interviews to Playboy...

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