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The American Interest

  • Managing Rivalry With China

    Managing Rivalry With China

    The United States finds itself at a geostrategic crossroads. The moment is comparable to the period between George Kennan’s “Long Telegram” from Moscow in February 1946 and the announcement of the Truman Doctrine in March 1947.

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  • Monocultural Resilience

    Monocultural Resilience

    At the end of the ongoing global melodrama’s first quarter, it seems reasonable to predict that this will be a two-act play with the final curtain coming down in July. It will end as a tragedy, not because the outcome was preordained…

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  • The Geopolitics of Coronavirus

    The Geopolitics of Coronavirus

    The contours of COVD-19's geopolitical impact are becoming apparent in the rapidly changing patterns of mental mapping, political decision-making, and economic flows in the three panregions that matter in today’s world: Asia-Pacific, Europe, and...

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  • The Knack of the Non-Deal

    The Knack of the Non-Deal

    An Arab-Israeli peace agreement is like a moderate Syrian rebel or rational leftist: It is possible to visualize, but producing one is daunting. Every attempt has failed. President Donald Trump’s “Peace to Prosperity” plan will be no...

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  • Afghan Disinformation

    Afghan Disinformation

    During the Second World War the German High Command issued regular bulletins about the situation on various fronts. They had a triumphalist tone in 1940, when France fell, and in 1941, when it looked like the Red Army would collapse, but the core...

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  • Purging the Bureaucrats

    Purging the Bureaucrats

    In his 1968 essay “Bureaucracy and Policy Making,” Dr. Henry Kissinger argued that there was no rationality or consistency in American foreign policymaking. “[A]s the bureaucracy becomes large and complex,” he wrote, “more time is devoted to...

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  • Geostrategic Challenges in 2020

    Geostrategic Challenges in 2020

    As we approach the last year of this century’s second decade, the United States is still the most powerful state in the world, safe from direct threats by foreign state actors. The “challenges” America faces in the year ahead are entirely...

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  • What Remains After the Wall's Fall

    What Remains After the Wall's Fall

    Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall it is not a matter of dispute that the removal of that evil edifice was a good thing. It should be equally uncontentious that its collapse was primarily the result of the Russians themselves trying...

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  • Out of Afghanistan

    Out of Afghanistan

    President Donald Trump on September 7 abruptly cancelled secret meetings with unnamed Taliban representatives and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. Citing a deadly bombing in Kabul a few days earlier, Trump also said he was cancelling the talks with...

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  • The Price of Overstretch

    “Everything in strategy is very simple,” Carl von Clausewitz wrote almost two centuries ago, “but that does not mean that everything is very easy.” The author of On War said it is easy to chart the course of a war once begun, but “great strength...

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  • Bibi’s Reelection Nixes Peace Plan

    Early legislative elections in Israel on April 9 have not changed the country’s political landscape. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been reelected for an unprecedented fourth consecutive term and will soon exceed the late David...

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  • Christchurch: The Sharia Enabling Act

    Violent incidents, perpetrated by the opponents of a tyrannical regime, tend to enable such regimes to become openly terrorist. They may have been on a brutal trajectory all along, but their enemies’ acts of desperate defiance (or plain...

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