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  • Don't Know Much About History

    Don't Know Much About History

    The left has used its growing cultural power to paint the darkest possible picture of the history of our country and our civilization, seeking nothing less than the abolition of America. We need to once again insist on the superiority of the West.

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  • Go Big or Go Home

    Go Big or Go Home

    Trump risks becoming another Herbert Hoover, reviled for decades. His best chance at reelection is to move from a fitful embrace of a variety of nationalist policies to a full-throated advocacy of American nationalism.

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  • Tariffs Work

    Tariffs Work

    For decades, American political discourse has largely operated within the spectrum of opinions voiced by the editorial pages of The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal. Opinions not embraced by one of these newspapers...

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  • A Giant Beset by Pygmies

    A Giant Beset by Pygmies

    Most newspaper and magazine articles are forgotten not long after they appear. Does anyone read the 25-year-old columns of Norman Podhoretz, William F. Buckley, or Richard John Neuhaus for insight into current events? It therefore tells us...

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  • Time for an Immigration Pause

    Time for an Immigration Pause

    The postwar American conservative movement had many factions, but most at least feigned to revere British statesman Edmund Burke. Those who read the movement’s books and magazines were told Burke abhorred radical change, and so should we. In...

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  • A Tale of Two Borders

    One clear winner of the recent European Parliament elections was Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, whose party won roughly a third of the votes, finishing well ahead of any other party. Salvini’s party, the Lega, began as a regional party...

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  • Deplorable Duke

    Deplorable Duke

    In 1979, as John Wayne was dying, his friend and costar in five movies, Maureen O’Hara, went to Capitol Hill to urge Congress to issue a medal honoring Wayne.

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  • Thanks, Christine

    Thanks, Christine

    The ugliness displayed by the media and Democrats during the fight over Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court is yet another indicator of how far we have come from Hamilton’s conception of the federal judiciary as “the least...

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  • The Essential Sector

    One of Donald Trump’s signature issues during the presidential campaign was his assertion that bad trade deals had cost millions of American manufacturing jobs, and his promise to do something to reverse that doleful trend.

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  • The Great Clarifier

    Not even President Trump’s most ardent admirers would claim that he is a “Great Communicator,” the title bestowed on the last resident of the White House who could plausibly be seen as governing, at least in some respects, as a conservative.

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  • The New Deplorables

    After Roy Moore secured the Republican nomination to fill Jeff Sessions’ seat in the U.S. Senate, the Washington Post ran an article claiming that, roughly four decades ago, Moore had dated two teenage girls and asked out a third in front of her...

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