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  • White Man's Soul Music

    White Man's Soul Music

    Johnny Cash’s At Folsom Prison was the first album I ever had of my own, a Christmas gift from my parents. I listened to that album over and over on the stereo my parents had given me that year, sprawled out on the floor of the living room of the...

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  • A New Right Arises in Poland

    A New Right Arises in Poland

    The year 2019 was an eventful one in Polish politics. Out of a boring and meaningless dispute between two wings of Polish liberalism, there arose a new political force determined to shake up Poland’s political culture. Eleven MPs from the new...

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  • Is Seattle Dying?

    Is Seattle Dying?

    Not long ago, I found myself sitting one sunny Friday afternoon in the Unity Museum in Seattle, notebook in hand, as a group of fresh-faced college undergraduates participated in a debate over whether or not their city is dying. The general...

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  • The Failure of the Canadian Right

    The Failure of the Canadian Right

    The Canadian federal election in October confirmed a long-term, leftward trend in Canadian politics. Despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal, the Liberals retained power, winning a plurality of 157 out of 338 seats and 33.1...

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  • Ohio Gets Nice on Crime

    Ohio Gets Nice on Crime

    In my new home of Ashland, Ohio, there is a sign that welcomes all comers to “The World Headquarters of Nice People.” It seemed to me as if the entire town conspired to make my move as pleasant as could be. This is “Midwestern Nice” in a...

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  • Religious Discrimination, Real and Imagined

    Religious Discrimination, Real and Imagined

    By Rashid

    As I was scrolling the news one August day, my attention was drawn to an article recounting the story of a woman wearing a niqab who was ejected from a bus in the Netherlands, a country that enacted a partial ban on the full veil. The prohibition...

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  • Inky Eyes Into China's Mind

    Inky Eyes Into China's Mind

    The newspaper boxes can be found around Washington, D.C., ranging from Union Station near the Hill to Foggy Bottom in the vicinity of the State Department. Inside, the newspaper articles emphasize positive, even entrepreneurial themes: investment...

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  • Amazon Fires Spark Global Hysteria

    Amazon Fires Spark Global Hysteria

    The afternoon of Monday, August 19, I was at home in my apartment in the city center of São Paulo. Glancing out the window, I noticed the sky was unusually dark. I figured it was about to rain, so I told my children we had to cancel our trip to...

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  • Boris's Literary Language

    Boris's Literary Language

    For the first time since Winston Churchill, Britain is governed by a master of language. There have been few such in Downing Street history; most of those who become prime minister have devoted their entire life-effort to climbing “the greasy...

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