Vital Signs


Yawning in the Aisles by Stephen Macaulay


Stranger Than Paradise; A film by Jim Jarmusch; Samuel Goldwyn.


Stop Making Sense; A film by Jonathan Demme and Talking Heads; Cinecom/Island Alive.


All the praise that has been heaped on these films might lead you to suppose that Jarmusch and Demme — and the assembled Talking Heads, under the direction and supervision of David Byrne — have created cinematic texts of the first order. But the best that Stranger Than Paradise and Stop Making Sense can say for themselves is that they are, to use a phrase that will identify the group to which I am referring, "talkin' about my ge-ge-gen­ generation." If they are as good as it gets, then the Baby Boomers ought to stick to Trivial Pursuit.



Stranger Than Paradiseis a cut above art movies — the type of thing the same people are now making with their VCR equipment. Here we have a collection of vignettes about...

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