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Scot Free

In “An Unjustified War” (Views, February), Srdja Trifkovic brilliantly summarizes the Iraq war as being “a disaster for the United States, for the Iraqis, and for the stability of the region.  All putative justifications were based on outright lies or gross errors of judgment.  It was an unjust and unjustifiable war.”

Given the truth of this summary, which is irrefutable, what bothers me is that no one bearing responsibility for this has ever been held accountable in any way.  People have been fired and have been sent to prison for less.  Doesn’t justice call for punishment for wrongdoing, or are officials in government above accountability as long as they are a member of the “team” and show their loyalty to the “team”?

—Robert Charron

Raleigh, NC

1812 and All That

Thank you for the discussion of the critical issue of Just War Theory in the February issue of Chronicles (“Mission Accomplished: Postmortem on an Unjust War”).

I have recently made some attempt to understand the War of 1812, so I was very interested in Dr....

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