Science and Wisdom

This is a remarkable book that will, however, be read by few.  Its great fault is its defense of America, Christianity, and Western culture.  The authors also make the egregious error of criticizing modern and postmodern thought, which they believe must be effectively combated if the Western world is to survive.

In a vibrant culture, the authors argue, people actively pursue truth, beauty, and goodness; their goal is wisdom.  This is the good life, the life of virtue.  People around the world have historically sought the good life, but the West alone has achieved the highest culture and the best life, owing to its Judeo-Christian tradition.

In Judeo-Christian thought, the material world (becoming) and the spiritual world (God or Being) are distinct, but still a continuum united by love.  Moreover, the Trinity and the Incarnation are not mere abstract theological ideas: They underscore Christ as the necessary bridge between the material and the spiritual, between becoming and Being.  This fact is reaffirmed by transubstantiation, in which the spiritual and material are one.  Without God becoming man, spirit and matter could not be reconciled.

The authors, following Saint Augustine, posit a realist ontology in which human reason can comprehend both spiritual and material worlds.  Humans live in the material, yet they are constantly in pursuit...

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