Sam Francis Was Right

It has been seven years since Sam Francis died.  But the years since his untimely death merely show the accuracy of his insights.  Francis’s writing was marked not only by loyalty to the people from whom he came but by an unswerving devotion to telling the truth about the way the world really is, not the way he wished it to be.  As a result, contemporary American politics has had no more discerning observer than Sam Francis.

Francis knew that it was not “morning again in America” but far closer to midnight.  Conservatives could not hope to achieve anything by defending elites, as conservatives have done since the French Revolution, since today’s elites are implacably hostile to all that conservatives wish to conserve.  As Francis wrote in this magazine in 1994, “what really demands a radical challenge from the right” is “the domination of a hostile ruling class that uses state power to entrench itself and wreck the country, the culture and the middle class itself.”  Elsewhere, Francis was even blunter: “The conservatives . . . who remain need to understand that the people and forces now in power in this country—in government, the culture, and Big Business—are the enemies of the real America and the real civilization of the West.”  Following Francis’s thesis, Charles Murray has recently...

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