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Ruffled Feathers

I’ll leave it for the birds to pick the salvageable bits out of Jason Michael Morgan’s vomitous screed (“Ride On, Proud Boys!” September 2019) and restrict myself to some much needed correction of this horrendously anti-cultural, anti-Christian, and therefore anti-Western (in the only sense in which “The West” has any real meaning) diatribe. The apparent answer to Antifa and their excesses is to set up a golden phallus for all nations, all creeds, and all sexual perversities to bow down to and worship. As long as people are well-mannered and decidedly masculine we can all apparently shelter under the moth-eaten and bent umbrella of The West. We can make up myths of our own to support this New Age, reborn pagano-judeo-christianity.

All poisons come from “The East,” and the National Socialists were apparently just a jealous subsidiary of Bolshevism Inc. Forget completely that both of those leftist strains had their origins in the French Revolution.… The Bolshies also apparently taught the backward Nazis how to physically eliminate minorities despite the fact that all minority groups present in the Russian Empire were disproportionately represented in the Communist Party and all were united in the massacre of Eastern Christians of a predominantly Slavic background. Morgan might look to Solzhenitsyn for these inconvenient facts.

The Germans had no doubt forgotten the lessons...

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