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Romney's Retreat

The October 1 issue  of the New York Times carried an important piece by Michael Shear and Ashley Parker stating that the Romney camp was going to stop running a campaign focused solely on the economy:

Instead, Romney intends to hit the White House with a series of arguments—on energy, health care, taxes, spending and a more direct attack on Obama’s foreign policy record—in an effort to draw sharper distinctions between the candidates and to give voters a choice about who can best change Washington.

Notably absent from this list was any mention of abortion, gay marriage, gun rights, affirmative action, or immigration—issues of vital importance for millions of voters.  Indeed, many voters support the Republican Party in presidential elections on the basis of those issues, in spite of skepticism about the hosannas to the free market that largely characterize Republican campaigns.  A Gallup poll in early October showed that nine percent of voters will not support a candidate who is not pro-life, and that no other issue was more important as a threshold issue than abortion.  Simply put, the Republican Party could not win any national election without the support of pro-life voters.  And there were signs in October that the Romney campaign’s silence on social and cultural issues was costing Romney votes. ...

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