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“Roe vs. Wade for Men™”?

The schadenfreude in watching society collapse comes from knowing that leftist ideology, by way of the law of unintended consequences, ushered in the fall.  Fifty years ago, no one would have thought that real men who instinctively protected women and children would transmogrify into eunuchs who send women into combat and murder the unborn.

Yet, just when you think you’ve heard it all, you haven’t.  In America, keeping pace with the latest moral outrage is akin to Zeno’s hare catching his tortoise.

Bid welcome to Matthew Dubay, of Saginaw, Michigan, a computer technician who has become the latest warrior to sally forth for “equal rights.”  His reasoning is simple: He doesn’t want to pay child support.  His depravity seems bottomless, but, given what the left has done to American culture and law, you almost have to agree with him.

Dubay and his attorney, Jeffrey A. Cojocar, are being joined by the Long Island-based National Center for Men in filing a federal lawsuit that they are calling “Roe vs. Wade for Men™.”  (The trademark symbol is part of the official name.)  The 25-year-old boy claims that the state’s mandate of $500 per month to support his unwanted bastard child Elisabeth, now 8 months old, is unjust.  But his case offers a twist.  Dubay was blindsided, he insists, because he did not have an “equal”...

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