Rise of the Alt-Left: After This, the Deluge

Images of those traumatized by the election of Donald Trump are indelible.  I mean specifically the sight of empaneled experts, red-eyed, choking, and stuttering as they said things like “CNN is now prepared to call the state of Wisconsin for Donald Trump.”  Or of rainbow mobs of sign-wavers in urban centers declaring (absurdly and solipsistically) “Not My President.”  Or of classroomsful of Millennials exiting state-funded college lecture halls and public high schools to register their outrage at reports from reliable, non-fake-news sources that transphobic Vlad Putin had directed the hacking of enough voting machines to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.

The indelible nature of those images may be partly the result of the fact that we enjoy watching them on YouTube.  (Guilty as charged.)  Martha, Miley, Megyn, and Snoop; the Young Turks; the Stephanopoulos; Stephen and the Two Jimmys—all of them gathered in hundreds of compilations, a feast of liberal suffering, their gooses cooked, sauce for the gander, waiting to be consumed.

It might be time to stop.  For in a moment I will show you what is, and what is to come.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m glad that Trump won, and not just because I voted for him.  I did not want Hillary Clinton to be president.  I did not want her nominating Supreme Court justices.  I think it’s...

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