Under the Black Flag

Rhodes to Hell

Here’s some more good stuff from the “academy” to get 2016 rolling.  It concerns Cecil Rhodes, the empire builder who left an Oxford college more than 50 million big ones in today’s money, with the following stipulation: “No student should be qualified or disqualified for election to a scholarship on account of his race or religious opinion.”

This was back in the late 19th century, so he didn’t include women.  Rhodes began as a penniless lad seeking to make a living in the diamond mines of southern Africa.  He succeeded, to say the least, and instead of purchasing a yacht and a big house on the Riviera, he established the Rhodes Scholarship at Oriel College, Oxford, in order for others, as poor as he was when he went down to the mines, to get a helping hand in life.

But here we are at present, with that great disease that now plagues mankind, political correctness, upon us.  Oriel College, under which the Rhodes Trust hands out millions to nearly 90 scholars yearly, has agreed to remove a plaque in honor of the great man and empire builder, and has also agreed to begin consultations over the removal of his statue.  Nice.  Bidisha Mamata, a woman from I Don’t Know Where, is the leading protester, seconded by one Ntokozo Qwabe, a Rhodes scholar himself, whose origins I can only guess at.  All I can say is, again, nice.

If ever there...

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