Revolution in the Air

Letter From Lagado

Thanks to a November election upset, Kafka, South Dakota—home of Lagado University—is poised to become the vanguard college town of 21st-century America. Joe Steele, a Lagado University English Department adjunct running as a candidate of the Farmer-Activist- Worker-Grad Student Alliance (a coalition of the Revolutionary Democratic Workers' Party, the Workers' Party of Democratic Revolutionaries, the Party of Revolutionary Democratic Workers, and Democrats Working for a Revolutionary Party), mobilized the youthful idealism of Lagado University's junior faculty, students, and "residuals" (i.e., dropouts, resident recidivists, unemployable graduates, coffeehouse proprietors, stranded folk singers, and other university hangers-on) behind a program of dynamic change that overwhelmed three-term Democrat Lee Bronstein.

Professor G.S. Stodgett, Kafka's only registered Republican, declined to nominate himself for anything.

Steele seized the moral high ground at the first campaign debate when he charged Mayor Bronstein with insensitivity. Scoffing at his opponent's spluttering protest that "I am, too, sensitive," FAWGSA's nominee demanded to know exactly how sensitive and, when the man stammered unconvincingly that he was very, very sensitive, scornfully pressed him to explain "on what grounds a white male heterosexual could possibly claim to be 'very' sensitive."...

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