Revolting Parasites

Movements are always based on lies, and the lies begin with the titles and slogans that are chosen to advance “the cause.”  Here in the United States, so-called liberals are really nonrevolutionary Marxists, while the people who call themselves conservatives are, at one extreme, libertarian capitalists who reject any principle or experience that cannot be sold for a profit or, at the other, monomaniacs engaged in a desperate search for a leader to tell them which cliff to jump off.  How else does one explain the willingness of some people to trust the fortunes and sacred honor of themselves and their country to such implausible pretenders as Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich?

I could use up my allotted words by filling in the blanks: feminists who want to turn women into men; peace activists who would surrender global authority, first, to the bellicose Soviet Union and, second, to the equally ruthless “international community”; the professional superpatriots who see nothing wrong in sending Americans out to die to impose American “values” on Muslims who manifestly do not want them.

In strawberry-fields-nothing-is-real America, “Dr.” Martin Luther King, Jr., deserves his status as the refounder of the American “project” as a Potemkin village.  The only national hero to whom a day of national celebration is dedicated,...

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