In the Dark

Revelation and Portent

Produced and distributed by Sony Pictures 
Directed by Kevin Reynolds 
Screenplay by Kevin Reynolds and Paul Aiello 

10 Cloverfield Lane
Produced and distributed by Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot 
Directed by Dan Trachtenberg 
Screenplay by Josh Campbell, Matthew Stuecken, and Damien Chazelle 

You could hardly choose a more unvarnished title for a retelling of the Resurrection than Risen.  This film’s one-word past participle is declarative to the point of insolence.  It’s a scandal to our intelligence.  Yes, risen was and is Christ’s proclamation to the world with neither equivocation nor apology.  Leaving the theater, I recalled Flannery O’Connor’s remark at a dinner she attended at Mary McCarthy’s house.  Discussing her Catholic girlhood, Miss McCarthy said she had come to regard the Eucharist as a symbol, and “a pretty good one” at that.

The feisty Georgian couldn’t contain herself.  “If it’s a symbol,” O’Connor responded, “to hell with it.”

In the same vein, director Kevin Reynolds has made a film that uncompromisingly sets forth the case for the historical Jesus—or Yeshua, as he’s addressed in the film.  He walks the audience...

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