Vital Signs

Revamped by the Psychic Vampires

When you’ve done something pretty bad, or nothing particularly good, the best defense is a good offense.  Attack mode works better than the smoothest excuses—God forbid you should ever apologize!—to obscure your faults and silence criticism before it is even uttered.  Thus we find that the loudest complainers in our midst are those who caused most of the problems in the first place and contribute the least to their solution.

For instance: Between 300 and 400 years ago, your ancestors were brought to the Americas as slaves.  There, your numbers increased exponentially until you outnumbered the master class in many regions.

About 200 years ago, the British applied diplomatic pressure, raided ports, boarded ships on the high seas, engaged in skirmishes, and finally put an end to the slave trade worldwide.

Then, 150 years ago, you were emancipated in the United States by means of a gruesome war that killed nearly 700,000 American men, mostly young and almost all white.  The Battle of Gettysburg alone slaughtered 51,112 in a mere three days.

Your emancipation preceded the emancipation of Russia’s (white) serfs by several years.

Today, there is not a single country in your ancestral homeland where you would enjoy the rights, the opportunities, the education, the prosperity, the freedom, the fame, and the sheer fabulous fun that are yours in the modern...

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