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Results Are In

The election results are in, and those who are reading this piece have an advantage I do not: They know whether George W. Bush or John Kerry has won.  (This issue went to press the day after the election.)  Regardless of the outcome, however, we already know a good deal about what the next President will do, because Bush and Kerry are in substantial agreement over most issues, and their few differences are often more apparent than real.  This convergence is all the more remarkable when we consider that many of the positions Bush and Kerry share are not especially popular with many Americans.

Consider immigration.  Polls consistently show that a great majority of Americans favor both the elimination of illegal immigration and a substantial reduction in legal immigration.  This is also an issue about which many people are passionate: CBS’s Bob Schieffer, during the final presidential debate, indicated that he had received more e-mails about immigration than about any other issue.  Yet neither Bush nor Kerry favors reducing immigration.  Instead, both told Schieffer that they intend to push for legislation allowing potentially millions of new immigrants to come to America as guest workers, and both were in general agreement that the solution to illegal immigration is to legalize the illegal immigrants, not to require or even encourage them to go home.

A substantial number of Americans...

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