Restoring the Earth to the Living

When speaking to Moses on Mount Sinai, Jehovah gave explicit instructions on the Year of Jubilee.  Once the people came into the Promised Land, every 50 years they were to observe the Jubilee.  Loans were to be written off, slaves freed, and land that had been sold returned to the original owner.  Those who had fallen into debt would be given a fresh start.

In 2014, Americans need relief in biblical proportions from the heavy burden of our national debt.  Right now, the national debt is approximately $17.3 trillion.  Were we to pay this off, each citizen—every man, woman, and child—would have to contribute over $54,000.  If we levied an assessment on just current taxpayers in an effort to retire the debt, the bill would be about $150,000 per person.

The size of the debt is truly staggering.  Although America ain’t what she used to be, this country still produces a whopping amount of goods and services.  Yet, if we could somehow devote our entire Gross Domestic Product for 2014 to retire the debt, we would still be over a trillion dollars in the hole.

Just 14 years ago, the national debt was a mere $5.7 trillion, well below the annual GDP.  A paltry $20,000 per citizen could have erased the whole thing.

One would think that the numbers involved would scare our leaders and lead them to implement drastic...

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