Under the Black Flag

Responding to Obscenities

I am not Charlie, nor will I ever be.  Wearing a Je suis Charlie badge is one sure way of getting attention, but I will leave that to others.  And another thing: Obscenity has no redeeming social value, and Charlie Hebdo was and is one long obscenity.  But let’s start with that famous Parisian march of mourners, one that had more criminals on its front row than a Mafia funeral.  How is it possible that the gangster who calls himself the emir of Qatar went marching and pretending to honor the dead journalists when it is he who is the main financier of the jihadists in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, and Libya?  Why was Netanyahu on the front row, when it is he and his fellow zealots who killed more than 1,500 innocent Gazan children among more than 2,500 dead last summer and bragged about it afterward while pretending to be victims?  Why did Angela Merkel bother to march when on that same morning she was telling Germans who wish to control Muslim immigration that they “have hate in their hearts”?  If this were a movie, people would laugh it off the screen.  Last but not least, how can a government be taken seriously when it invites so many gangsters but does not allow the leader of the largest French party, the National Front, to attend?  Incidentally, it is the only French party that, since its inception, has opposed the Islamization of France.


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