Resourcemammal Eroticism

Letter From Lagado University

Readers who have been attentive to the slashing edge of the Postmodernist Project will be aware of Lagado University's vanguard role at the Modern Language Association's 1995 meeting. On that occasion a session conducted entirely by the LU English Department's faculty, "Intersections of Sex and Animal Husbandry: The Love that Dare not Low its Name," was rated the most innovative presentation in MLA history. Oscar Odsodd's "The Erotic Moos: Articulations of Bovine Buggery," Vito-Extravaganzo Piustranostrano's "Sheep Thrills: Engendering the Ovine Other," and Hector Mondo-Bizarro's "Phrasing the Graze: Intimations of Man-Kine Eroticism on Alluvial Plains in Eighteenth Century Spanish Pastoral Poetry" concerted an unprecedented challenge to homospecies-normativity's underlying assumptions. It was received with an enthusiasm befitting its importance.

It is not surprising, then, that the Lagado faculty's papers drew large audiences at the MLA's 111th conference in Chicago. The LU session, "Tall in the Stall: Exploring Transgressive Sexual Sites," was far and away the best attended at the convention. Hector Mondo-Bizarro, in "Psychic Charges from the Intersecting Public and Private Zones Within the Stalls of Institutional Men's Room," explained how the magnetizing pull of the dangers lurking behind the toilet stall door led to homophobic...

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