Rending the Seamless Garment

Catholics and Abortion

People often ask me, “What is wrong with our priests?” or “Why don’t our bishops say more about abortion?  They seem to have no trouble whatsoever speaking out quite freely when it comes to war or capital punishment.”

On the surface, this is disturbing.  I find it even more disturbing, however, that I, a layman, have countless people ask me to raise awareness among Catholics concerning the true teachings of the Church.  Since our country decriminalized the act of abortion nearly 30 years ago, we have little if any progress to show, despite the alleged strength of the pro-life movement.  This movement is clearly in critical condition.  The information I am about to share with you may be unpleasant medicine.  But without it, it may be too late to save the patient.

Abortion is a crime against human beings and a violation of human rights; at its core, however, the act is a direct attack on God, the Author of life.  Abortion denies the creative hand of God and treats a human being as if he were but an object whose existence depends upon the will of another person.  Abortion eliminates the “unplanned” result of sexual activity—a result that is neither desired nor accepted by the participants.

The unavoidable truth, however, is that the precursor to abortion is contraception, which encourages people to behave in a manner contrary...

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