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Remember Pearl Harbor

Under the auspices of the United Nations, no nation is working harder to disarm American citizens than is Japan. With help from Canada and Colombia, Japan is the main engine pushing the United Nations to promote "small arms" controls which would obliterate the Second Amendment.

There are three problems with Japan's effort. First, it is a form of cultural imperialism, which shows ignorance of the ways in which American society' is different from the Japanese. It also flies in the face of a constitutionally guaranteed right. Third, these attempts indicate a willful blindness to Japan's own history—a history that supports arguments against gun control even in Japan.

Let's start with the misunderstanding of America. In Japan, crime rates are very low. Burglary is rare, and most people feel perfectly safe. The Japanese usually do not need to take extraordinary steps to protect themselves from violent criminals. Conditions in America, however, are rather different. And the conditions are different not just because of guns; even if all gun crime were eliminated, America's violent crime rate would still be many times higher than Japan's. Our police cannot guarantee individual security; hence, many Americans must provide their own.

Firearms are one option that many people choose, and firearms in the hands of law-abiding people make America safer. Over a dozen studies —including...

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