• Shepherd in a Strange Land
    February 2018

    Shepherd in a Strange Land

    “I’m a pastor, not a scholar,” Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, head of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia since 2011, said when I interviewed him earlier last year for Catholic World Report about his new book. “A bishop’s job is helping people get to...
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  • Cult of America, Part I
    February 2018

    Cult of America, Part I

    Whether or not America is or ever was a Christian nation is hotly debated. It is fashionable today on the left to ascribe whatever currently is deemed by it to be unacceptable to the legacy of privileged patriarchal white men whose Christianity...
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  • No Time for Indulgences
    November 2017

    No Time for Indulgences

    [W]e cannot afford to set aside our differences: We need to rediscover them, defend them vigorously and magnanimously, teach them to our children, celebrate them in worship and festival, and nail them to the church door when necessary.
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  • Leftists, Creationists, and Useful Idiots
    October 2017

    Leftists, Creationists, and Useful Idiots

    Not everyone here in the Bluegrass State was delighted by the 2007 opening of the Creation Museum in Boone County. “There’s been such a push in recent years to improve science education,” a representative of the Kentucky Paleontology Society...
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  • Remembering the Old Russia
    September 2017

    Remembering the Old Russia

    This Fall marks the centennial of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. Although few commentators today are likely to glorify that event or its aftermath, most will assume that the revolution was a regrettable necessity, which swept away a repressive...
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  • A Long Way Behind
    August 2017

    A Long Way Behind

    Yale’s Little Histories represent an admirable project, whereby true experts perform the exceedingly difficult task of summarizing a large field of knowledge in a short space, and in an accessible manner.
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