Refugees in Trump’s “Theocracy”

President Trump’s executive order restricting travel and refugees from seven Islamic countries evoked utter hysteria from the mainstream media, Democrats, some Republicans, and even some church leaders.

That it was handed down so abruptly, providing Week One photo and protest ops for leftist demonstrators shouting “f--k Trump,” “not my president,” and “the ban is racist,” as well as weeks of fodder for the 24-hour news cycle, was criticized even by Trump supporters.  Why not take more time to roll out the policy, wondered Bill O’Reilly, and make it coincide with an outreach effort to the Muslim community?

On the other hand, is there any approach to the restriction of Muslim immigration that would mollify the “opposition party”?

By now plenty of media outlets have examined the actual details of the executive order and shown what relatively minor effects it will have on Islamic immigration to the United States.  Capping annual refugees at 50,000 is merely a return to the norm, the average in this country before President Obama opened the window a little wider (belatedly, as some argued).  None of the September 11 terrorists came from the infamous Seven Countries, whose names appear on a list from the Obama administration.  Terrorist hotbeds like Saudi Arabia were not on the list at all.  The refugee ban covers 120 days, and the...

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