Redeeming the Time

Redeeming the Time
PERSPECTIVE\r\nRedeeming the Time\r\nby Thomas Fleming\r\nHie Davs are Evil\r\nThe human universe, we arc told b\\ optimists on the editorial\r\npages, is contrachng into a gra\\ and insipid doughhall,\r\npasted over with brighri\\' colored labels ad\\crhsing the onl\\ ethnic\r\nri\\alrics that persist: the struggles between Nissan and\r\nDaimler, Pizza Hnt and Taeo Bell. llnfortnnateK', there are\r\npeople around the world who do not read the Wall Street Journal,\r\nand some of them are hurling themselves into the bloody\r\nconflicts that regnlarh dominate the headlines, hi the Middle\r\nKast, the eleehon of Ariel Sharon has predictabl\\' intensified the\r\nstruggle between Arabs and their Israeli neighbors, who are\r\nmo.stly immigrants or the children of immigrants. U.S. support\r\nfor Israel has cast American citizens in the role of enemies of Islam,\r\nand Muslim hatred of America reached a fc\\cr pitch on\r\nSeptember II, when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center\r\nand the Pentagon. In tlie Balkans, Albanian immigrants in\r\nSerbia and Macedonia ha\\e been continuing their gcnocidal\r\nwar against their Sknie hosts, and last spring, the "international\r\ncommunifv" was disma\\ed to learn that a U.N. employee is an\r\naccused Rwandan war criminal —really, just the perfect person\r\nto help with humanitarian dexelopmcnt in the midst of an ethnic\r\nci\\ il war.\r\nTire comedy continued in Mav, when a Rwandan accused of\r\nplanning the genocide of a half-million Tutsis...

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