Redeeming the Time

Redeeming the Time
and made mone\\', to the bourgeois values of the GOP.\r\nBoth strategics were successful, to the point of stalemate, until\r\nFranklin Roosexelt made the big breakthrough of co-ophng\r\nblacks b\\- promising—and delivering—more goodies than the\r\nRepublicans had done in over 50 \\ears. This naturalK' introduced\r\na strain into the Southern tier of the Democrac}', but so\r\nlong as white polihcians maintained political and social control,\r\nthc\\- could afford to go along to get along.\r\nHubert Humphrey unraveled the skein: He could not resist\r\nthe temptahon to pidl just that one thread, insisting on an antisegrcgahon\r\nplank in the 1948 Democratic platform. The result\r\nwas the insurgencv of the Dixiecrats, who failed to kick Harr\\'\r\n'Frnman out of the White House; in the long rrm, though,\r\nHumphrc\\'s brilliant mancuxer ensured that, in the South, the\r\nDemocratic Parti,- would become the black part}- and the Republicans\r\nwould take over the white \\'ote.\r\nThe effect on the South was tremendous. PoliticalK' active\r\nSoutherners who had alwavs defined diemselves by dicir contempt\r\nfor Yankee WASPs were suddenly forced to make common\r\ncause with Eisenhower and, later, with the Goldwaterites,\r\nand the\\- final!}' ended up selling their futures entirely to Ronald\r\nReagan. They could no longer think of themselves as Southern\r\nfirst, because "Soutiicrn" also meant the race-obsessed Marxists\r\nof tire Democratic Part}', hi reconciling themselves to...

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