In the Dark

Reckless Regard

All Is Lost
Produced by Before The Door Picture
Written and Directed by J.C. Chandor 
Distributed by Lionsgate 

Robert Redford and Bruce Dern are proving that we needn’t retire to our rocking chairs at 77—not if we have star power, that is.  Each costar of 1974’s The Great Gatsby has his own leading role in 2013: Dern in Alexander Payne’s Nebraska, and Redford in J.C. Chandor’s All Is Lost.

I have not yet seen Nebraska, so reviewing Dern’s performance will have to wait.  For the time being, I’ll make do with commenting on the Sundance Kid’s small-scale disaster outing.

Last year Redford directed and took the lead in the dreadfully self-important The Company You Keep, a movie that strove mightily to make audiences believe the murderous tykes who made up the Weather Underground in the 1970’s were well-meaning idealists.  They just happened to shoot and bomb people now and then, but only because they felt insulted that sufficient heed was not being paid to their wisdom regarding the burning issues of the day.  They didn’t really mean to kill anyone; they just wanted to awaken folks to the injustice in their midst.  Only Redford, with his still-tousled blond locks and his all-American if wrinkled face, could get...

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