Rebuilding the Family Castle

A police officer stops two black teenagers sashaying down the middle of a public street.  According to law enforcement and at least one noninvolved witness, one of the two—a six-foot four-inch, 300-pound behemoth—charges the cop and goes for his gun.  Fighting for his life, the policeman shoots and kills the “gentle giant,” who, as it turns out, has been caught on tape, with his partner-in-crime, robbing a store and assaulting the diminutive clerk.  The partner’s predictable tale of unprovoked police brutality, though contradicted by witnesses and by forensic evidence, incites the masses to take to the streets, where they are joined by thugs who exploit the opportunity for looting.  When the police respond with force, defending the shops and houses under attack, the President of the United States and his attorney general (certainly not ours) condemn the Ferguson police for excessive use of force.

In this divided land, blacks and leftists assume the alleged thief is an innocent victim of police brutality, while conservatives complain that there is no similar outcry when blacks (cops included) shoot whites—a real dog-bites-man story.  In a world where only clichés and stereotypes matter, it is Trayvon versus George all over again.

The affair is none of my business—I don’t live in Ferguson, Missouri—and this President and his race-baiting...

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