Between the Lines


The national media campaign against Donald Trump is unprecedented.  All pretense to “objectivity” has been thrown out the window in an effort to keep the populist wing of the GOP out of the White House.  Nary a day goes by that the Washington Post or the New York Times doesn’t run a hit piece targeting the candidate’s alleged sins.  And foreign countries have weighed in, with the Ukrainian government releasing a “secret ledger” linking Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort to cash payments made by the Party of Regions—kicked out of power by the U.S.-supported “revolution.”  Manafort resigned, his place taken by Stephen K. Bannon, the publisher of

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s scandals are kept out of the headlines, including the Clinton Foundation’s shameless cash-for-favors operation, in which major donors like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and a host of European countries poured money into the foundation while being granted favored treatment by the Clinton State Department.  Her outright lying to the American people about sending and receiving classified information on her unsecured email server is also pointedly ignored.  And her apparently significant health issues, as she totters through campaign appearances, are derided by the media as just another right-wing conspiracy theory.


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