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above: Outspoken Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Capitol Hill on Feb. 3, 2021, one day before the House voted on whether to remove her from office (photo by Alex Edelman, Getty Images)


Real Men Missing

Emasculated conservatives calling for the restoration of America’s lost manhood are often the ones most responsible for destroying it.
Conservative leadership today lacks strong men of courage who will, using solid first principles, face down the radical left. In other words, conservatism today has been emasculated. There is no better word for it. 
In a recent interview with Glenn Beck, Tucker Carlson described the present Republican leadership:
They’re weak. There’s something in them that’s weak, and they’ve decided… ‘The other side is ascended. The left is winning. I’m not gonna push any buttons that might infuriate them.’ They’re just not lionhearted.
Carlson further lamented that these men will not stand firmly on even the most basic ideas, such as an uncompromising defense of free speech, per the First Amendment. Tellingly, he adds, “The only ones who will do it are women.”
This epidemic of weak men did not start with the virus or the electoral coup. The right’s craven capitulation to the left accelerated dramatically as right-wing men lost their nerve directly to left-wing women demanding power. “[Conservative men] won’t say anything that would get them in trouble with the ladies,” The Masculinist founder Aaron Renn concluded in a podcast entitled “The Decline of the Gentleman.”
Consequently, women, mostly from the left, now dominate journalism, education, entertainment, civil-service posts, unions, churches, critical sectors of law and business, and nearly everywhere else—including at home.
In fact, so completely has feminization colonized the right that feminists are even given a platform, in ostensibly conservative forums, to attack transgender extremism in the name of women’s rights. Conservatives are thus reduced  to taking sides in the sexual left’s internal squabbles, rather than setting forth any real guiding principles by which transgenderism might be condemned.
It’s no secret that exceptional women have often stepped up to the plate when men are too frightened. That was Margaret Thatcher’s reason for taking charge of the British Conservative Party. It was what convinced Phyllis Schlafly to take the lead in opposition to radical feminism. In private, the word she used to describe Republican men was “cowards.” Neither Thatcher nor Schlafly considered the male timidity they encountered normal.
above: Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) walks in the street outside her restaturant in Rifle, Colo. (Instagram)
No wonder the appeal, then, among disenchanted conservatives, of a Donald Trump—and the visceral hatred for him among the politically effeminate in both parties. Other populist figures are now arising in Trump’s mold. Following the musician Gareth Icke’s rabble-rousing rally against COVID vaccines at London’s Trafalgar Square, the female moderator praised him as “a real man.” She asked the crowd, “Do we have any other real men in the audience?”
If the mainstream conservative movement does not provide a vigorous, masculine opposition to the totalitarian left, others will fill the void. As chaos increasingly reigns, various forms of hyper-masculinity will emerge. Gangs already provide de facto order in large swaths of inner cities, where the welfare state first eliminated fathers. Who knows what militias are organizing underground to take on the left and power elite itself, if feeble Republicans refuse? And now, with American weakness spreading chaos globally, what might sectors of the military be planning if they decide that they alone are able to restore order?
Abroad, manliness is a prominent theme of radical religious-political movements like Islamism and Hindutva. “They want to skin us from our manhood,” Osama bin Laden often said of the West. And the Taliban is only one example of how exclusively male religious militias provide a clear sense of order in parts of the Global South. In these so-called less-developed places, the men are admired by their women—as well as by some of ours, like the Dutch Catholic girl, Sterlina Petalo, who joined jihadists in order to marry a “real man.”
The feminization of society has changed all of us in subtle ways. Most immediately, it has rendered us susceptible to mass hysteria over the COVID pandemic that we have experienced over the last two years. Hysteria, any politically incorrect doctor will tell you, is a specifically feminine complaint. But hysteria is not limited to women these day. On the contrary, women seem to be among the most level-headed and skeptical of the overblown virus fear-mongering. My point is, that the reign of feminine characteristics over societal norms has encouraged men to adopt feminine values and to forego masculine ones.
We can see this even when conservatives write about masculinity itself, as they do quite a lot nowadays, mostly to condemn its absence in others. John Kekes’ May 2021 article in the New Criterion on “The Ideal of a Gentleman,” and David French’s December spat with Newsweek columnist Josh Hammer in the pages of The Atlantic over the definition of masculinity and toughness are recent examples.
above: David A. French speaking at an event in Washington, D.C. (Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons)
But conservative lamentations about lost masculinity tend to lack, well, muscle, as Renn pointed out in his Masculinist article “The End of the Gentleman.” Common conservative complaints about masculinity epitomize groveling and ingratiation, Renn wrote, giving as an example a PragerU video by National Review writer Jim Geraghty imploring men to act more like the father character Ward Cleaver from the 1950s television show Leave It to Beaver.
National Review writer Jim Geraghty … wants men to act more like Ward Cleaver,” Renn observed. “But he’d never dream of telling women to act like June Cleaver.” No, better to be safe.
In the West, proof that the henhouse is guarded not so much by foxes as by bearded hens is seen when conservative bullies—ironically under the very guise of restoring manhood—use their platforms to attack and marginalize braver men who have no public voice with which to defend themselves.
For years, so-called conservatives have accepted and even supported feminist policies, the express purpose of which is nothing less than to enfeeble and degrade America’s men on an enormous scale. This is done especially by destroying men’s home life and authority over their children, but elsewhere too: by patently false accusations of domestic violence and rape; by family courts that confiscate children from legally innocent fathers, whose authority has been undermined and terminated before their property is plundered and their persons incarcerated without trial; by politicians and celebrities who, even after being falsely accused themselves, mouth obsequious mea culpas and shrink from denouncing the entire charade in principle, and from defending other men.
Even men’s rights advocates, who nearly alone speak out against all this (and are viciously maligned for it by conservatives), are not immune from weakness. Some end up focusing solely, for example, on male domestic violence victims while neglecting more serious matters. Such as how the false accusation assembly line debases standards of justice, undermines paternal authority, and deprives children of fathers.
So hideous has mechanized feminization become that young boys are being indoctrinated to believe they are girls and to undergo castration and other forms of physical mutilation on orders from feminist judges. In Texas, Jeffrey Younger, the father of one such victimized boy, risked prison for defying a judge’s censorship order to tell the world about his custody battle over his son. Younger’s case is not an isolated one. Court-ordered child abuse has long been another tool for neutering males.
American conservative men are now harvesting the fruits of our passivity. The country itself faces a crisis demanding extraordinary male strength and courage if it is to be overcome. America is led by a puppet president dangerously incapacitated by a cocktail of senility, wokeism, and illegitimacy. The line of succession for the presidency offers  two ideologically radical women of proven mental instability. Feeble yes-persons dominate the Congress, civil service, judiciary, media, universities, and churches. Meanwhile chaos threatens not only America but the world.
Are there any remedies? We can wring our hands and bemoan; we can rationalize inaction with cliches, blaming “the culture.” Or we can grasp the nettle and demand long-overdue changes that strike directly at the problem and cost nothing, except fortitude.
From a policy standpoint, the necessary measures are straightforward. Just two fundamental ones—one in domestic policy, one in defense/foreign policy—and others will follow logically. Morally, they are unexceptionable and must be nonnegotiable. Constitutionally, they are not only feasible but imperative. Economically, they will cost nothing and save trillions. Politically…
Politically is another matter. But the very act of drawing a line and refusing to tolerate the intolerable is precisely the crucible we need to catalyze men into re-learning how to take charge. A basic principle of manhood is that a time comes to stop talking and to act. Those with vested interests in defending the indefensible must be marginalized, immediately. Men must do this themselves, not wait for media messiahs, and they can do it legally and nonviolently. They must calmly but firmly push aside Republican dandies and summon the resolve to stand up to troublemakers and hit them where it hurts:
1. Domestic policy: Marriage must be an enforceable legal contract, conferring parental rights and authority, and the devious oxymoron of “no-fault” divorce forever expunged from the law. Men must know that if they marry and keep their vows within specified terms, they have reasonable rights and authority over their children, which the state must enforce. 
2. Defense policy: Reinstate compulsory military service for all men of a determined age. Basic republican principles that inspired the American Revolution extolled “manliness” and denounced the “effeminacy” and “foppery” associated with European royal courts. A cornerstone principle was the citizen-in-arms: bearing arms in defense of home and country confers citizenship rights. A citizen army also has no bureaucratic incentive to create wars. Military discipline would help nip adolescent rebelliousness, and it would de-feminize the military.
Rectifying other evils traceable to male weakness and matriarchal rule would follow logically. No civilization has ever survived matriarchy.
In the end, the left’s ascendancy has little to do with the left and everything to do with the right. The left did, and keeps doing, what it always does. It was the right, and especially the men of the right, that fled the field of battle. We have no choice now but to turn around and fight.

Stephen Baskerville

Stephen Baskerville is Professor of State Studies at the Collegium Intermarium in Warsaw, Poland, and author of several books on sexual politics, most recently, The Gentleman's Guide to Manners, Sex, and Ruling the World: How to Survive as a Man in the Age of Misandry and Do So With Grace (Sophia Institute Press, 2021).

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@Tom Golden (cont'd) ... Conservatives are disarmed by progressives who cynically conflate challenging of feminism and feminists with misogyny. Of course misogyny is vanishingly rare - in the men's rights movement, as everywhere else - while misandy is a default setting for many women (and men, too) and for ALL feminists. Men who vote for feminist politicians - as they do, in huge numbers - are turkeys voting for Xmas.


Douglas E Wallace
I am often dismayed by the number of people who say that feminism is about equality for both sexes. No major feminist organisation, and no influential feminist author has ever made this claim. At best, feminism claims to be "equality for women" but since no feminist ever suggested reducing women's rights to the point where they are equal to men's this claim is spurious. At worst, feminism is about hate, as expressed by a great many in the movement.
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An outstanding article, as we've come to expect from Professor Baskerville. His book "The New Politics of Sex" is a must-read for anyone interested in gender politics. The British political party I launched in 2013 and still lead, "Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them)" has always been the only party in the English-speaking world campaigning for the human rights of men and boys, and the only avowedly anti-feminist party. We will be relaunched as the "Children & Families Party" in a few months' time. and campaigning strongly up to the next general election, to be held in May 2024 (or earlier). We shall adopt the strategy so successfully adopted by Nigel Farage and his supporters, taking enough votes to threaten the electability of the major parties. That strategy led to the Conservative Party reluctantly offering a referendum on EU membership in its 2015 general election manifesto, to avoid losing the election as a result of Nigel Farage's party, and the rest is history - Brexit.


Tom, you ask. "... why is it that the conservative men have become so feeble...?" Having given this matter much thought for 10 years, I am left with two main explanations. (1) Conservatives are repelled by controversy, so if the prevailing narratives are progressive - as they have been, for decades - they will remain silent. (2) Related to (1), there are no more gynocentric men than conservatives. They congratulate themselves for their servility towards females under the banner of chivalry...
Another excellent article from one of the best writers on our contemporary crisis in masculine authority. I agree that it is impossible to imagine the current madness regarding the Covid project, with its many irrational mandates, deforming policies (especially for our children), and business- and soul-destroying restrictions without the emasculation of our men, many of whom, given current laws and near-universal man-blaming, have either given up in angry despair or are afraid to act for fear of losing everything through a false allegation. Many leading conservative politicians, alas, are never happier than when showing their feminist-compliance, which they seem to hope will buy them some goodwill from the viragos who too often control public discussions today. It's past time we all stopped worrying about offending against feminist dogma.


Professor Baskerville's manifesto policy No.1 is key: In my words: to make marriage indissoluble (or, at least, to make divorce very hard) and to couple this with paternal rights and responsibilities resembling what they used to be and equally hard to annul. The destruction of fatherhood is the central core of our decline and this has been promoted by two things: the ease of divorce and the ending of the stigma attached to out-of-wedlock births (plus, of course, the small industry of arrangements to effectively remove fathers from their children after either of these events). To reverse this situation requires, therefore, not just Baskerville's policy No.1 but also the reintroduction of social stigma associated with unmarried motherhood. (In the UK, 50% of children are now born to unmarried mothers). Out-of-wedlock births can only be reduced from their current very high levels by stigma - legal sanctions just cannot apply. But this is, by definition, a cultural change. Consequently, both the political and the cultural spheres must be addressed to achieve the revival of fatherhood. The matter is simply this: in war one does not endlessly debate whether to use the army, the navy or the air force. A war against a prevailing power demands throwing everything you have at it. Ultimately the political and the cultural are too closely linked to be separated in any case.


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Kenneth Jolivet
Stephen Baskerville is walking the talk and highlighting some key parts to what led to the feminization of the west. Yes, men's deference to women, combined with the very aggressive feminist agenda, including privileges to women by way of quotas and such, claims of victimhood in all areas of society and male politicians chasing of votes has done much harm. Let's not forget that feminists and the left/woke have led a full on assault on males/masculinity. It is time men stopped being nice and summon the courage to say no, to highlight nonsense and injustice and to shame the left and woke. We must call the naked king out. We must call for marriage and Family Law reform as Stephen says. We must take back our military and men's spaces. And we must balance our institutions. Men must speak up and guess what, the women who love masculine, proper men have a duty to speak up and vote for the right kind of conservative leaders. Women are the majority voters and women often have the voice that gets heard in public. Men's problems are women's problems and women's problems are men's problems. It's time we all act like we're in this together. It is not okay that men do all the dangerous, difficult jobs and women take the good jobs. It is not okay that women file for divorce nearly 80 percent of the time, for trivial, selfish reasons. It is not okay for feminists to redefine all words and concept to their favor and into their ability to punish men and put them in jail. It is not okay that our boys are bashed for being males and taught by a system with 80 percent female teachers or more, in a feminized system that favors girls. Boys need mentors and males that are praised in society. Country's that don't value manhood & masculinity will fall like Rome. Kenneth T Jolivet. Author: Brilliant Bob kid's books for boys on Masculinity. Written to improve boys sense of wellbeing, male identity and self-esteem.