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By:John Seiler | April 17, 2015

When she announced her fourth candidacy for president, I signed up for Hillary’s mailing list. (In case you forgot, she won two terms as co-president with Bill, in 1992 and 1996, before losing her co-president race in 2008.)

“Friend – ,” she writes. Hill and I are on such close terms.

“I was raised with the belief that living in this country was one of the greatest blessings anyone could have.” That was when she was a Goldwater Girl back in 1964, before Saul Alinsky – better not call Saul – got hold of her in the late 1960s. And before she cast aside even her Left-radicalism to become an establishment tool.

“Today, for so many families, the path to lasting prosperity is unclear.” Yeah, after the wars, tax increases, spending increases and debased money she voted for in the U.S. Senate and advanced as Secretary of State. In the Senate in 2010, she provided the key, 60th vote for Obamacare. According to CNBC, “For many of the millions of Americans who have been putting off doing their taxes until the last few days, there's been a very rude Obamacare awakening. All those penalties for not having any health coverage are kicking in and for a lot of people, those penalties are steeper than they expected.”

Hill goes on: “Families have fought their way back from tough economic times. But it's not enough—not when the average CEO makes about 300 times what the average worker makes.” She’s just playing the Envy Card. How about forgetting what CEOs make, and instead cutting the tax burden that robs 50 percent of my lower-middle-class income? And slashing the regulations that strangulate my life? And ending the Federal Reserve Board and its 0 percent interest rate policy that makes middle-class savings impossible?

“Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion” (emphasis in original). What is an “everyday American”? How can we spot them? Can’t they “champion” themselves?

“I've spent my entire life standing up for women, children, families, and anyone who needed a little help along the way. That's what this campaign will be about, and that's what I'll do every single day as your president.” She never “stood up for” me except to knock me down.

“It's time for us to fight for people like my dad, who ran a small business and committed himself to building a better life for his family. People like my mom, who relied on the kindness of others to get through a tough childhood…” So is she calling for a return to 1950s America?

“…and like my baby granddaughter, who deserves to grow up in a country where every single kid has the opportunity to live up to her or his potential.” So every new baby is supposed to have the advantages of the granddaughter of two multi-millionaire co-presidents?

“This won't be easy. And I won't take anything for granted. I'm going to work my heart out to earn every single vote, because I know it's your time.” Huh?

“I want you with me on this. Chip in what you can today to help build our campaign….Thanks, Hillary.”

You’re welcome.



Brent McGuire
4/17/2015 02:49 PM

  Not that she wouldn't have, but Hillary couldn't have cast the 60th vote for Obamacare in 2010. She left the Senate to become Secretary of State at the beginning of 2009.

4/17/2015 03:16 PM

  I would like to see Kirkpatrick Sale define the term "Everyday American" in his Cynic's Dictionary column. According to Hillary, Obama, etc., an "Everyday American" is "any non-white, non-Christian individual now residing within the landmass known as the United States, with an IQ below 100, whose family has been here less than three decades, preferably undocumented or descended from undocumented peoples, who feels in their heart that marriage and gender are fluid, and that they and their ancestors have been wronged by all white Christians, now living or dead."

Harry Heller
San Francisco
4/17/2015 09:27 PM

  As America keeps importing poor nonwhite immigrants, the Democrats (and eventually the GOP) will only be moved further to the socialist-redistributionist Left. Appeals to American patriotism, cultural preservation or even fears of nonwhite dominance no longer suffice to motivate the gullible and brainwashed white masses. But the two avenues we still have left are to place the invasion in national security (fears of imported terrorists) and/or economic (employment competition and wage stagnation) terms. WRT the former, this is one reason why I advocate the bombing of Iran's nuclear facilities. Doing so will dramatically raise the specter of Iranian terrorist retaliation, which in turn will give a boost to calls for the militarization of the US/Mexico border (why are paleocons so unsophisticated in their political understanding as not to see this benefit - besides destroying for a generation the Shiite Bomb?). WRT the latter, we must relentlessly emphasize that the (true) key to middle class prosperity (as well as to the economic integration of America's "forgotten" or "marginalized" populations - rural whites, Indians "on the rez", inner city blacks - is to "Restore Capitalism, Restrict Immigration". That should be the Right's slogan. We need capitalism for growth (reducing the government's drag on the economy is literally the only avenue that already industrialized nations can pursue if they want faster growth). We need to end immigration both to force employers to turn to unemployed Americans, as well as to stop what I call the "economic cheating" of reaching outside the nation's labor pool to bring in competition, which in turn reduces the share of the nation's GDP going to labor as against capital (I'm no Marxist - I'm a Misesian - but conservatives should stand foursquare against this War on American Labor, for moral as well as political reasons).

Clyde Wilson
Columbia, SC
4/17/2015 10:15 PM

  A few facts: There are many millions of Americans who believe and identify with Hillary's blather. The nonwhites of the Democrat party have had the power and perks of the White House for eight years. They will not give them up easily to an old white woman.

Leo Hylan
4/18/2015 01:06 PM

  This was the little Goldwater girl that scoured Chicago for voter fraud. Her commencement speech at Wellesley is of the ages. Reprint for fun. She failed the bar her first time out. She tried exactly I believe one case. She was a great lawyer the Establishment chorused. She just missed getting indicited on the Madison S&L fraud. She MUST be President for a stupid country.


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