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By:Thomas Fleming | May 19, 2012


Try not to be so negative, Clyde, and look on  the bright side.  Increased diversity enriches our lives.  If you want really authentic Chinese food, go to Bangkok, where a Chinese from Taiwan was arrested for his exotic taste in food and religion.  He had roasted six unborn babies and covered them with gold leaf--the mark of a true gourmet in the East.  Police say the intended cannibalism was part of  a black magic ritual, but this is far from being the first case of human dim sum.

There must be a way of making money of of this.  Now that the Facebook offering is falling on its face--as I had hoped--perhaps Mr. Zuckerberg (or Mr. Gates or Mr. Dimon) can turn his talents to a new capital venture.  One of these tycoons could  kill  kill two birds with one stone, by giving employment to women on welfare while creating a new fast-food industry.  In the unlikely event that one of them  has a conscience to salve, he could always donate some of the profits to Planned Parenthood.  Opportunity, it's what America is all about.

Where is Walter Block when you need him?




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