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The controversy over ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) is a typical modern morality tale, in which the moral always lose.  Although a few generals and admirals objected to allowing homosexuals to serve openly, a military led by real men would have seen every general and admiral resign in protest unless the new policy was reversed.

Predictably, President Barack Obama, who had campaigned on not repealing DADT, declared, “This law I am about to sign will strengthen our national security, and uphold the ideals that our fighting men and women risk their lives to defend.”  Also predictably, but with his usual eloquence, Pat Buchanan said, “You are trying to impose the values of Fire Island on Parris Island.  These are 19-year-old Marines.  They’re very macho guys.  Many of them are Christian traditionalists and you got these secular values and you bring open homosexuals into the barracks with these guys—it will be hellish.”

America needs to look beyond the current context to the overall structure and makeup of the military.  That’s because America has the wrong kind of military.  It’s a massive, expensive, centralized, bureaucratic machine epitomized by the vast Pentagon, whose functionaries occupy 130 countries but couldn’t defend their own building on September 11.  In this fantasy world, the military is no different from GM, Health and Human...

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