Image Credit: Matt Damon in Ford v Ferrari
In the Dark

Racing for Dominance

Jojo Rabbit
Directed and written by Taika Waititi • Produced by
TSG Entertainment • Distributed by Fox Searchlight

Ford v Ferrari
Directed by James Mangold •  Produced by Chernin
Entertainment • Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox

A Simple Plan
Directed by Sam Raimi • Written by Scott Smith
Produced by the British Broadcasting Corp. • Distributed
by Paramount Pictures

Jojo Rabbit, written, directed, and produced by Taika Waititi, is a strange movie. It breaks the 74-year-old rule that Hitler must never be portrayed as playful, prankish, or in any other way amusing. Yet that’s precisely what Waititi has done. What’s more, he’s taken on the acting challenge of portraying the monster.

Yes, films don’t come stranger than this, especially when you consider that Waititi is a Polynesian Jew. Kudos to him for entering such fraught territory. He’s already been called out by more than a few critics for pulling aside the polite gentile veil around all things concerning the Führer and the Jews. Such complaints lodged against the film by the politically righteous seem silly to me.

The film’s Hitler is an imaginary one that inhabits the fantasies of Jojo, a 10-year-old boy (Roman Griffin Davis)...

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