Race and the Elections

In a year of blatant political lies (and what presidential election year isn’t?) the calumny against Donald Trump that he is a fomenter of racial divisiveness may be the most unconscionable.  The Republican candidate has never said that all Mexicans are rapists and criminals of various sorts, only that some illegal immigrants from Mexico are—a fact verifiable by anyone who follows the news.  The Muslims whom he would bar from entering the country belong in a religious, not a racial, category.  As for blacks, Americans or otherwise, Trump has said nothing against them as either a race or a culture, else the offending words would be in lights every night on the Times Tower in Times Square.  By contrast, Hillary Clinton never fails to take political advantage of the regular sequence of antipolice demonstrations, more accurately described as race riots by one race, by pointedly sympathizing with the rioters—that is, encouraging them—as part of her strategy to win the support of the 93 percent of black voters who voted for President Obama in 2012, and whose support she desperately needs on November 8.

As the Democratic candidate for president, Mrs. Clinton never misses a chance to assure her black audiences that she is both cognizant of the miserable existence they lead in the United States and willing for that reason to excuse their behavior, no questions asked.  White people, she has...

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