Quoth the Raven

For the past six months the United States has been experiencing another of the racial fits that have recurred more or less regularly across the half-century since the civil-rights protests of the 1950’s and the Civil Rights Acts of the 60’s that abolished legally sanctioned segregation in this country.  In this spasm, as in past ones, black American protesters and the representatives of various black organizations are claiming that white law, like white society broadly, continues to oppress black Americans, while progressives wonder publicly when the “problem of race” will finally be transcended in America.  The answer is “Nevermore.”  The “race problem,” like the “problem of poverty,” will probably be an ineradicable element of human society until the end of time.

The multiracial population of the pre-modern world made racial discord probable once the various races bumped up against one another, but the multicultural societies of postmodernity make it inevitable, by induced physical proximity and by multiculturalism’s assault on nearly every aspect of personal identity that a technological-bureaucratic-commercialist society finds unnecessary or contrary to its interests and purposes.

Though scientism denies “the reality of race,” which it views as a purely social construction, normal human perception works against its project of...

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