Quo Vadis Fidel

That enormously talented and courageous woman, Yoani Sanchez, summarized the meaning of the forthcoming April 2011 Conference Guidelines for the Communist Party’s Sixth Congress in her biting blog called Generation Y (November 9, 2010):

not a single line refers to the expansion of civil rights, including the restrictions suffered by Cubans in entering and leaving our own country.  Nor is there a word about freedom of association or expression, without which the authorities will continue to behave more like factory foremen than as the representatives of their people.

However, other than castigating the “bloodsucking character” of the 30-some-odd pages of text containing economic proposals “more appropriate for the Ministry of Finance than for the compass of a political party,” she treads lightly on the bureaucratic contradictions that drive the Cuban Communist Party at this critical time.  The emotional turmoil of present-day Cuba she gives voice to as a “detective of the unexpressed” can hardly be excelled by anyone in an overseas context.  However the political economy of the moment remains fair game for foreign-policy analysis.

Other than those who remain dedicated to the cause of the 1959 Cuban Revolution, I suspect that most serious analysts would correctly claim that the forthcoming assembly can only seek to preserve and protect the communist...

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