Under the Black Flag

Protest Too Much

On the campuses of America, fascism lives, although these modern fascists lack the sartorial brilliance of Benito’s mobs.

It started with a swastika applied to a bathroom wall at the University of Missouri, and today our black brethren and their leftist white allies control more than three-dozen college campuses, disrupting student life with a very long list of demands.  I happen to be a betting man, and if I had to wager on this one, it would be 2-1 that the painter was a provocateur.  As well as a winner, because he got his wish: Both the president of the university and its chairman resigned after a few football players threatened not to play and extend their losing streak.  Lesson No. 1: Paint a swastika or write the N-word, and the nation’s media, starting with the New York Times, will genuflect and carry your message far and wide.

Missouri’s student-body president, Peyton Head, is a gay black man from Chicago.  If bigotry is prevalent, how did he get elected by a student body that is 77 percent white and overwhelmingly heterosexual?  Don’t bother trying to figure it out—most protests have Barack Obama’s blessings.  He’s encouraging and bankrolling a nonstop riot against invented slights and insults.  (Organizing for Action is a well-funded group that mobilizes college protesters.)  The media are having a field day, pointing fingers...

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