Between the Lines

Prioritizing Threats

As Donald Trump moves closer to the magic number of 1,237 delegates, the panic of the political class is a wonderful sight to behold.

GOP donors meet in secret conclave, plotting various scenarios designed to steal the nomination.  A “brokered” convention, a “contested” convention, a last-minute rules change, and a “conservative” third party run by Rick Perry or Sen. Ben Sasse: These are just a few of the bright ideas the neocons and their big-money backers have come up with in order to defy the peoples’ will and retain control of a party that has rejected them.

Rule or ruin!  Hasn’t that always been the neocons’ byword?

The Anti-Trump Popular Front reaches from the offices of the American Enterprise Institute and the Weekly Standard to the rancid cellars where Marxist & Bernie Bros. plot their violent attacks on Trump’s rallies.  They shut down a Trump rally in Chicago, and the media managed to blame Trump for the violence, which was carried out by and the Revolutionary Communist Party.

At every campaign event since Chicago, Trump has been harassed by well-organized and well-funded storm troopers of the left.  They blocked the roads in Arizona in order to prevent people from attending a Trump gathering.  They invade private venues rented by the campaign, yelling and screaming and swinging their...

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