Principalities and Powers

Principalities and Powers
From the perspective of the v\\'orldview\r\nand materia] interests of the rnling class,\r\nof comse, that message makes sense.\r\nThe Constitution, after all, is an 18thcentnry\r\ndocimient reflecting the beliefs\r\nand interests of a long-defunct agrarian\r\nand mercantile ruling class and societ}',\r\nwhile mass immigration and the kind of\r\nsocieh' it shapes reflect the modern, postindustrial,\r\nglobalist regime that breaks\r\ndown all such distinctions and barriers —\r\nbetween nations, crfltures, races, and religions\r\nflicmseU'es. The New World elite\r\ncan easily get along without the Constituhon\r\nand those pestilent rights it sets up,\r\nbut it has to have immigration —not only\r\nfor cheap labor but as a cultural battering\r\nram to knock down the barriers that separate\r\ngroup identities and limit its power\r\nand reach. Bi\\t the problem (one problem,\r\nat least; there are several other problems\r\nas well) is that the immigrants in\r\ngeneral —and die terrorists of last September\r\nin particrdar—insist on keeping\r\nthose barriers intact.\r\nWhat soon emerged about the hijackers\r\nof the planes that smashed into the\r\nWorld Trade Center and the Pentagon\r\nmade confetti out of flie foolish vacuities\r\nabout a "credal nation" and a "proposition\r\ncountn" fliat pro-immigration ideologues\r\nha\\e been bandviug about for decades.\r\nThe 19 hijackers came to this country,\r\nli\\"ed in it for some years, went to school\r\nhere, mastered Western technical...

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