Letters to the Bishop

Preparing for Battle

Your Excellency:

May is once again upon us, bringing that mad dash in which you sprint from parish to parish, rubbing oily crosses on the smooth foreheads of gawky teens, confirmandi mentally and spiritually armed to do battle with the dragons facing God’s holy Church.  My youngest son, who is even now preparing to receive from you his own dab of chrism oil, recently spent a Wednesday evening with his classmates discussing whether God was more like a sofa or a recliner.  (If we’re making God a chair, I would opine for a buoyant chaise lounge on the Titanic.)  Ah, those dragons: We can only pray their teeth are marshmallows, their fiery breath the result of too much hot sauce.

But just suppose, Excellency, that some of those dragons really do want to destroy the Church.  How will they go about it?

The National Catholic Register reports that the Connecticut state legislature’s Judiciary Committee has attempted to enact legislation that would remove control of a parish and its facilities from the priests and bishops.  Supported strongly by Voice of the Faithful, that aged group of heretics opposed to Church teachings on female ordination, abortion, and homosexuality, Raised Bill 1098 seeks to give any Catholic church within the state of Connecticut the power to organize its own corporation, found a board, and so bypass diocesan control of the individual parish. ...

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