Vital Signs


Item: An American of Greek origin calls a congressional office to protest United States policies in Bosnia that would place Christian Serbs at the mercy of a hostile Muslim regime. "So-called Christians," corrects a member of the congressman's staff, ignorant of the caller's religion.

Item: A national opinion magazine carries on its cover a harsh caricature of Russian "nationalism" personified by three vicious bears, costumed as a peasant, a "czarist" officer, and an Orthodox bishop in liturgical vestments!

Item: In another issue of that magazine, one writer, for whom Orthodox-baiting has been a preoccupation, conjures up an "Orthodox revanche" involving Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Russia that has "drenched" Eastern Europe in "Muslim blood." And in yet another issue of the magazine the "near genocide" of Muslims in Bosnia is cited as "virtually consecrated by the Orthodox church."

Item: A distinguished retired American general, commenting on possible NATO expansion, states his view that (traditionally Roman Catholic) Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and, maybe, Slovakia should be rapidly admitted to the Western alliance, but (Orthodox) Romania and Bulgaria should never be allowed in—and Greece should be ejected!

Item: The Sunday magazine of a leading national...

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