Politics Versus Culture

We literate minority still at large here in the Dar al-Harb can learn much from Claes Ryn about our present condition and future prospects.  In America the Virtuous, he makes a rigorous and definitive analysis of that phenomenon of “neoconservatism” that has converted the erstwhile American republic into a (self-)righteous empire.

Neoconservatism is really neo-Jacobinism, an elitist notion of governing the world according to certain abstractions alleged to be universal truths.  Contrary to its promoters, as Ryn spells out beyond cavil, neoconservatism is both repulsive to the founding ideas of the United States and a pernicious heresy when viewed against the mainstream of Western civilization.  Ryn’s greatest strength is his ability to assimilate the phenomena of current cultural and political life into meaningful patterns of intellectual history and then to detect and expose fashionable and destructive deviations from the Western tradition.  His larger purpose is to preserve and perpetuate that tradition amidst inevitable change—a mission he pursues with poise, insight, and catholic spirit.

A Common Human Ground confronts the era of multiculturalism with the ancient home truth of Aristotle that harmony among men is a product not of uniformity but of genuine, mutually respectful diversity.  Of course, multiculturalism, as promulgated and practiced...

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